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UAE SMEs, start-ups drive economic diversification

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Economic diversification, through reducing dependence on oil revenues, is the only path to success in the UAE’s corporate ecosystem. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and start-ups, which are considered the backbone of any economy, could play a crucial role in facilitating this diversification. Buoyed by the great government and bank support, SMEs and start-ups in the UAE have nothing to focus on except the key sectors they can cash in on. Dubai’s successful bid to host the World Expo 2020 has already stimulated growth in the non-oil sectors very significantly […]


Dubai and Startups

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Ahlan Wa Sahlan, fellow traveller! Welcome to the glorious city of gold and glitter. Caution; what may seem like an easy business elsewhere in the world, may not seem easy here.  Nothing to be scared of, but Dubai is one place you need to watch out for. In terms of trends and culture, we all know that Dubai has exponentially amassed a sea of foreign nationals after they won the world famous Expo 2020. Dubai’s tourism sector is booming, with visitor numbers reaching 11,012,487 in 2013, when compared with just […]