Think Positive Research


Client Satisfaction Survey

9If you had the choice of speaking to a couple of your customers or be left guessing only with your assumptions, what would you choose?

  • To understand your customers and their preferences about your product/brand/business – It is essential to ensure you meet their requirements, and in return earn loyalty towards your brand.
  • Entrepreneurs and Organizations as a whole, no longer believe that the sale ends their relationship with a customer. It is important to be reassured that the customer enjoyed the buying experience and that the product or service lived up to the buyer’s expectations.



Employee Satisfaction Survey


  • To better understand your employees and to address their concerns by taking action is the key to a successful organization.
  • Hiring a new employee is expensive. Between the money and time involved with recruitment, training and workplace integration, what may be seen as an immediate hire, quickly turns into a laborious, costly undertaking. So it is very important to retain valuable employees and here is where market research comes into action.
  • Conducting anonymous surveys can help gain honest, feedback about how employees feel about their designations, top management and the organization as a whole. Certain lingering issues may be harmful enough to cause certain employees to seek alternative means of employment, thus raising the turnover rate.
  • Market research uncovers and identifies such potential problems.